On the topic of addiction to social media

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It’s been almost 3 months since I stopped posting regular daily content on my Instagram stories and elsewhere across the social media spectrum. I got a second 30 day ban on Facebook for posting cannabis content to our shop page. That’s 72 days now total of Facebook bans. For what? I hardly ever post. Meanwhile I sit and watch kilos of CBD and other products being “brokered” in private secret fb groups. I have no idea why they picked me to harass, but I’m pretty much done posting any of my original content to Facebook. That is not the topic of this post however.

I’ve been mostly MIA past few months online. Taking a break from my obsession/addiction to Instagram stories.

It’s been an interesting challenge and I think ultimately there is a happy medium and balance that can (maybe?) be achieved.

Like all other addictions I’ve conquered, now that I’ve beat it back into submission, I feel like I can (and will) choose to participate and contribute as much or little as I feel like contributing across the social media spectrum.

It took me a minute to recognize the signs, acknowledge the behaviors, and take corrective action. Spiritual growth and progress right?

I think addiction to social media is a HUGE emerging societal challenge, and is no different than any other addiction, obsession, compulsion, or vice. We have yet to fully understand or comprehend the impact it’s having on the human condition.

The reality is that Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are designed with hooks to get you addicted. The algorithms behind these systems borrow from the gaming industry and are intended to prey upon the human weakness in the attempt to get your eyeballs, user data, and click through traffic to drive their advertising revenue and underlying business models. Scary stuff. So much for “don’t be evil”. @finkd is the evilest of em all I suspect.

So now to my new approach. Wherever possible, I choose to opt-out of this user-data sucking, addicted-to-my-notifications-and-mobile-phone model and am taking back my digital identity one site and account at a time.

It’s a daunting and nearly impossible task to complete.

On the flip side, I do enjoy a noisy social feed from time to time and Instagram has been that firehose for me for the past few years. For now I’ll keep my accounts and will see how much or little I contribute. Due to bullshit restrictions on using these platforms advertising and marketing services which I would like to use for certain things I have multiple accounts now for different things so I can avoid having to be blocked and prevented by posting cannabis related content on my main insta account @eisenetics_

Here are my current semi-active accounts. Subject to terminate and self destruct without notice at any time.

@eisenetics_ – personal Instagram – 21+ only please. Feed may contain cannabis-related posts and other offgrid shenanigans. Follow at your own risk.

@llamasoftunk – for the squad of course

@ironmountaingardens – for the farm/garden project

It’s time to stop feeding the matrix.

Spring happens fast in the Tunk Valley

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I’m about a week behind where I usually want to be right now because I got sick. Most of the snow is melted. I’ve got two rule burns in already and just finished signing up for a DNR Grant tree thinning program that covers 50% of the cost of the work. I’ve got 6.6 acres to clear and I’ll get reimbursed about 3k when I’m done. See the area in blue in the screenshot below. It’s a lot of work to clear and burn but I’m confident I’ll get it done.

Been struggling with my garden and getting seeds popped and then and idea came to me yesterday. It’s a pain in the ass to get up and down the loft where I had all the seed starts before so I decided that I would repurpose some plastic sheeting I had lying around outside all winter and simply wrapped part of the deck with it and now have a makeshift greenhouse. Also relocated the 300w LED fixture and may run that as supplemental. Got a temp/humidity monitor in there and soon a webcam to monitor remotely.

Iron Mountain Gardens Spring 2019 growing season has officially kicked off! The pond is pretty full as well and I’m going to start pumping some of the water into a 400gal container near the hugel bed where this years crop will go.

Lastly, decided to step up my hummingbird feeder game and got a trough. Can’t wait to start seeing the lil guys.

Another safe and successful rule burn

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Few shots from tonight’s sunset

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Tamarac tree trimming.

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I’ve been wanting to trim this Tamarac for over a year now. Finally decide to haul the ladder over and climb up to limb off a few branches. Still got a little bit to go.

Spring project prep

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Got a lot of prep work ahead. Sowing all my seed starts this weekend.

Focusing on 4 main projects for spring/summer 2019

  1. Pond / water storage / irrigation
  2. Operation Container Roll
  3. Llama pen + barn
  4. Hugelkulter #2 terraced garden beds

Hoar frost above the fog layer

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Always enjoy waking up to trees covered with hoar frost.

It’s 10° F this morning up here at 3600′. The new thermostat for the Williams Direct Vent Furnace held temp all night long! Relieved to have confidence in my heating system once again.

Direct vent furnace thermostat replacement

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Recently I’ve had some challenges with stability on the low voltage thermostat that controls my 30000 BTU Williams direct vent furnace which I rely on to keep the cabin above freezing when I’m not here. Here’s the faulty one:

On several occasions I’ve woken up to temperatures of 50° where the thermostat failed to kick back on, so therefore I’m looking into replacement options. Grabbed 3 potential models to use from Home Depot, each with their own pros and cons and will decide which one is best for this application.

The first two units that require no external power source one being the “dumbest” which is a manually controlled unit, the second one being a little less dumb with a basic set of programs on a 7 days schedule that runs off a 2 AAA batteries. the semi smart one is a wireless thermostat that requires what’s called a “c wire”, and for my application requires a special power adapter that plugs into a 110 outlet in the adapter puts out 24 volt AC current. This is what the “semi-smart” thermostat needs to properly power it’s wireless other smart functions. Here’s the C wire adapter I ordered from Amazon:

This introduces more complexity in the heating system and adds an additional potential single point of failure, but I gain the additional benefit of being able to remote control and monitor the unit from afar.

Right now I’ll be testing out “semi-dumb” thermostat. It runs off 2 AAA batteries. That’s the advantage. Simple easy, virtually fail-safe.


Remote control vs potential for power failure.

Will see what model wins out in the end…

Snow flurries at sunset

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Nice to see the sun setting a little further north every day. #gotspring

Art on display at Tonasket House of Cannabis

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Very excited to have the opportunity to showcase some of my artwork AT work. Thanks to Michael Endicott for having the vision to support local artists and putting it in the faithful hands of Miss Jenny Berry who’s executed on this vision and come up with a fantastic program that supports local artists like myself.

My work is now on display down at the shop in Tonasket so go check it out. All work are available for purchase.