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Izzy’s list – Angie’s List and BBB for the Cannabis Industry

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This Uline bullshit got me thinking about how hard it is for cannabis businesses to get fair and equal treatment as legitimate business entities.

Putting my information, library science, and software development skills to good use, I decided to start a curated list of Third Party Vendors. These will be businesses that most cannabis companies would benefit from, by having a vetted list of vendors with ratings, reviews, and personal contacts that are here to help listen and meet your needs without all the bullshit and red tape we typically see across the industry at large.

This is in a primordial state of even a pre-alpha release, but I wanted to get started on it right away, and am making it public from the start.

I have an idea for a solid, scalable framework for the list/catalog and will see how much I can code up on my flight home.

If you have suggestions, feature requests, or legitimate cannabis friendly third party vendors, contractors, anyone who you need to operate, and grow your business, please comment on this post, or drop me a DM.

Izzy’s List

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