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Dawn of the 20 year paradigm shift

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Back in 2013, I spent a small amount of time setting up a desktop machine to do some bitcoin mining when it first came out. Mostly just to educate myself and understand the basic concepts of crypto and blockchain. I never got into serious mining and at the time of this post, I’ve only recently staked a VERY SMALL claim in crypto — again to understand the mechanics, trends, and opportunities that seem to be presenting themselves right now.

I have to admit that right here, right now, as I am typing this, it feels like 1997 again in the lead up to the crazy dot com boom/bust cycle that started in 1998 and continued through 2001. Everything so shiny, new, and largely unproven. Except the framework and underlying technology. Back then it was http. Not its blockchain. Exciting times for those in the know. My goal is to educate and get more people to be “in the know” and have a fair shot at participating in this crazy ride.

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Why now? Looking back at what happened over the holidays with Amazon and Walmart going head to head for your online holiday $ — both setting records for online sales — this is the new normal with global ecommerce. Watching the rise and fall and rise again of bitcoin in particular and crypto in general in late December and early January, Ied me to the conclusion that we are in the beginning  of a global macroeconomic paradigm shift away from Wall Street and Big Banks to a decentralized “always open” global crypto exchange for the masses.

POE prices displayed on the Binance app/exchange

I don’t think the full implications and impact of this shift are really known or understood at this point. It’s still very much like the early days on the frontier in the wild west. Few rules and regulations and cheats and thieves at every turn.

Allow me to elaborate. If you’re already like this is way too TL:DR, this your time to eject.

TL:DR: The concept and use of blockchain and the rapidly growing crypto ecosystem is fundamentally changing how commerce is conducted and goods exchanged between individuals and businesses across the globe.  The implications are just now coming to light and still not fully understood. This is both exciting and scary. Jump on for a messy ride or watch from the sidelines. 

The reason I think this is BIG requires taking a step back and looking at past cycles of innovation and growth in tech/IT since the dawn of the modern PC, the growth of the Internet, and rise of the www. I break the past 30 years in tech innovation and growth as follows:

1990-2000 – unix client/server ftp http www
2001-2007 – platforms/frameworks – ecommerce, enterprise, blogs
2007-2017 – social, mobile
2018 – ? – crypto, AR/VR, IoT

While AR/VR and IoT are interesting, they have been a LONG time coming and taken even longer to gain adoption. While bitcoin and crypto have been around since 2009, the rate and pace of adoption and the demand

“to get in” is so high right now, I think crypto is poised to be even bigger than AR/VR and IoT combined.

The concept of building apps and services on top of blockchain is fueling a new wave of innovation the likes of which we’ve never seen. We are in uncharted waters and the ship has already set sail. Attempts to stop the growth of the global crypto ecosystem at this point by governments and institutions is moot. The crypto is already out of the bag., so to speak.

Either jump on now and buckle up for a messy roller coaster of a ride as the crypto wave begins to crest or just sit back and watch the bloodbath that is about to unfold. I’m betting that 97% of those looking to make quick $ will fail. Those who take time to learn and understand where this is all going might have a little better change. Those with giant pockets and $$$ to throw around will be the biggest winners. AND LOSERS.

Bitcoin price at 2:01 PM PST, Jan 19, 2018

With that out of the way, here’s what I’m going to focus on in my next series of blog posts.

1) Historical patterns, similarities, and differences with what happened in the rise (and fall) of the tech/IT industry from 1990-present. Basically expanding on what I started to dig into with the eras of tech growth above.

2) Crypto 101. Crypto for Dummies. How to get started. Risks, opportunities, things to do, things to avoid. CryptoBroker services offered — onboarding for the average Joe getting setup to securely participate in the global exchange of cryptocurrency.

3) Global Macroeconomic paradigm shift. On the quiet, yet ongoing (and rapidly increasing) redistribution of individual wealth from Wall Street/big banks to decentralized crypto-exchanges where its currently like the wild west with new unregulated exchanges that are global in scope and never close/shut. THIS IS THE END OF DAY TRADING. THIS IS JUST TRADING. 24/7/365.

4) Opportunity at hand – for tech companies, for developers, for individuals, for businesses, for organizations, and for non profits.

5) Futures – where’s it all going?

6) Why do I (why should you) care?


LCB dumps BioTrackTHC for Franwell for state Traceability System

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Nah nah nah nah,

nah nah nah nah,

hey hey hey,

goodbye…. BiotrackTHC

The day could not come fast enough. Today, the WSLCB announced the selection of technology company Franwell as the Apparent Successful Vendor (ASV) to replace the existing Biotrack seed-to-sale traceability system in Washington State.

I can’t believe they plan to migrate to an entirely new system/framework by October 2017. I don’t see how this can be done given my background and experience working in the enterprise software space, especially when dealing with government agencies and projects. I hope Franwell has some ninjas on their team because they are going to need some serious SQL coders to port from the underlying Biotrack data model. Unless they already have a migration tool/util already built.

Need to go check into these guys ASAP. I really hope they are better. I have a ton of questions on how deep they are going to go to rip Biotrack out. Could potentially affect ALL of my data mining stuff. #buhbye#biocrapthc #goodriddance#worstdatabaseever #lcb #slcb #i502

Full Range of Consulting, Sales, Brokering, Outreach, and Networking services for Recreational Cannabis (i502) in WA State

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I have a new role and opportunity in i502 helping manage, broker, and sell to licensed Producer/Processors and Retailers. I have an inventory and price sheet I can forward and am happy to assist with any type of inventory transfer desired, whether you are looking for wholesale b2b or retail transactions.

Have access to full range and spectrum of wholesale/retail products. Also buy in bulk and always looking for quality product, starting material, and trim.

DM, email, txt, or call for more details and pricing.

@eisenetics [Instagram, snapchat, twitter]
2062948205 mobile

i502 Compliance Violations by License

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Because Biotrack is stupid and their database tables suck, this table doesn’t display the actual name of the Licensee that had the violation. Until I figure out a better way, here’s a nifty URL that you can use and just cut and paste the license number and add to the end of the URL to see who committed the violation.[paste license number here]

For example,

[TODO: add links to table for license name lookup and WAC code and case # linkage]

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Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Seizes CBD products from legal marijuana shops.

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Alaska Marijuana Control Board raids marijuana shops for CBD products.

UPDATE: 2/10/2017 @ 11:47PM PDT: I just learned that the shops that were raided purchased CBD products from out of state that had no test results and were selling them under the regulated system, which is against the MCB regulations. These were isolated incidents pursued by the enforcement division of MCB. There is NO statewide ban on CBD products in legal marijuana shops. That being said, the fact that health food shops can sell CBD products purchased from out of state but Marijuana shops can’t seems illogical, and again, a double standard.  While this is a relief, there will most certainly be more issues and action with respect to CBD products and how/where you can purchase them legally.

What a bunch of BS. Time to make some phone calls to my contacts up north. I agree that all cannabis-derived CBD products should go through the same scrutiny and testing as everything else, but to single out Marijuana businesses selling CBD, while allowing it to be sold in health food stores is complete bullshit.

News Source:

Here are some contacts you can reach out to and voice your opinion:

Alaska Alchohol and Marijuana Control Board Web site:

Email: You can email the MCB at the following email address. NOTE: all emails will become part of the public record. 

Marijuana Control Board Members –

Each of the members below can be reached via the main phone line (ask operator to connect or lookup in directory) –

Phone: (907) 269-0350. The only option I found where I could leave a voicemail was for the administrative office at Option 7. I left a voicemail asking for the email and phone contact information for the board members below. I will update this post if/when I get this information.

Position Name Type Location
Chair Man Peter Mlynarik Public Safety Soldotna
Member Mark Springer Rural Public Bethel
Member Loren Jones Public Health Juneau
Member Brandon Emmett Industry Fairbanks
Member Nicholas Miller Industry Anchorage

Office locations:

1648 Cushman St., Suite 203
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Phone (907) 451-2748
Amanda Stonecipher, Investigator III

State Office Building, 9th floor
333 Willoughby Ave
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone (907) 465-2330
Steven Johnson, Investigator III

550 West 7th Ave, Suite 1600
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone (907) 269-0350

Office Hours:
Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Closed over Lunch Hour 12-1
Closed Sat. – Sun.
and all State Holidays.

Cannabis industry folks, don’t sit back and let the uneducated make questionable legal decisions without being properly informed and educated on the issue at hand. Please take some time to contact the folks above and give them your opinion on CBD-related products.

BDE -∞+

An industry in limbo: Recreational Pot in 2017

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What will the new Administration in Washington DC do?

With recent changes in Washington DC, the future remains uncertain for the fledgling Recreational Cannabis industry across the nation. Time will tell if our incoming Attorney General, Jeff Sessions will go after the cannabis industry. My gut tells me they won’t, but that’s coming at it from a logical standpoint, and from what I’ve seen so far coming from DC,  logical deduction and hard facts seem to have been tossed into the dumpster.

Given the dollar amounts we are talking about in terms of taxes generated ($185 million in FY2016 for WA state), and the ensuing lawsuits that would follow, coupled with the enormous negative economic impact (jobs and productivity lost – especially in rural areas), I genuinely hope the incoming AG respects states’ rights and does not interfere with the legal Cannabis industry.

Changes in Washington State

Here in Washington state, there are a number of interesting proposed changes coming out of Olympia this session that would have a significant impact on the industry at large.

HB 5102 – Out of state ownership and investment

The first change has to do with allowing outside sources of funding (non WA residents) for i502 Businesses. Currently there are funding and lending restrictions that limit the amount of investment capital can flow in from outside the state. House Bill 5102, clarifying residency requirements for licensed marijuana businesses, has been introduced and is in committee. There is a public hearing scheduled for

The key changes in verbiage in HB5102 have to do with limiting the percentage ownership by out of state interests to 50% ownership and allowing “managers or agents” aka owners who are exempt from the residency requirement.

…with the exception that only those holding fifty percent of all ownership interests must meet the residency requirement;

A person whose place of business is conducted by a manager 21 or agent, unless the manager or agent possesses the same 22 qualifications required of the licensee, with the exception of the residency requirement.


HB 1092 – Allowing “Home grows”

House Bill 1092 would amend the i502 Legislation to allow any Washington state resident 21+ years old to cultivate up to 6 marijuana plants and possess up to 24 ounces of dried plant material from the personal cultivation. For any single residence if there are 2 or more adults 21+ or older, you may have up to 12 plants and 48 ounces of dried plant material. You may only leave your residence with up to an ounce of “home grown” at a time.

(4)(a) Subject to the requirements in this subsection (4), the possession by a person twenty-one years of age or older of no more than six marijuana plants and up to twenty-four ounces of useable marijuana harvested from lawfully grown plants is not a violation of this section, this chapter, or any other provision of Washington state law, provided:
(i) The plants are grown and possessed only within the premises of the housing unit in which the person resides; and
(ii) The useable marijuana has been harvested from plants lawfully grown within the premises of the housing unit in which the person resides and is not removed from the premises in amounts exceeding one ounce.
(b) No more than twelve marijuana plants and forty-eight ounces of useable marijuana may be possessed, in the aggregate, by the adult residents of a single housing unit, regardless of the number of persons twenty-one years of age or older residing in the housing unit.
(c) This subsection (4) does not apply to marijuana plants or useable marijuana possessed at a location other than the premises of the housing unit in which the marijuana plants were lawfully grown.


Regardless of where you stand on legal cannabis, please take a minute to acknowledge that there are tens of thousands of business owners, employees, and fellow Washingtonians who are pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into being successful in this industry. As we have in the past, we continue the journey into uncharted waters. Onward we go!

BDE -∞+

The constant struggle for legitimacy in the legal cannabis industry

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For many i502 business owners, it’s been an uphill battle to get fair (and easy) access to the Federal Banking system. As a result, i502 businesses have gotten creative in their approaches to managing money. In some cases, this puts them at odd with the Feds, with the Banks, and with consumers. It’s a no win situation that needs to change.

In the old MMJ days, it wasn’t uncommon for MMJ dispensaries to be shuttling around garbage bags of cash in their trunk. Thankfully, now most i502 retailers have access to basic banking and credit unions that suppor – on premise ATMs, and even some basic debit transactions (with usual ATM-like fees per transaction). Most transactions are still cash and the vast majority of retail shops only accept cash.

One improvement over the past year or so were changes that allow 3rd party security and armored truck companies to pickup and transport cash from retail shops to their place of deposit.

Another recent development here in Washington state is a push by state legislators to block i502 businesses from doing transactions using Bitcoin. This news just broke in the past 2 weeks. Senate Bill 5264 effectively bans Bitcoin from being used in i502. I’ve seen a few “automatic” menu/ordering kiosks at a few retail shops that appear to take Bitcoin. I have not tried to conduct a transaction using Bitcoin. Read more on this issue here:

Insurance underwriting.

Because I’m not an i502 business owner, I’m less up on how well (or poorly) the insurance companies do with underwriting i502 businesses. I know that Lloyds of London was a highly used insurance underwriter, but I also heard that they were getting out of the industry. I would be curious to hear from i502 business owners on your experience in securing and paying for insurance.

We live in uncertain times. I feel for each and every legitimate business owner working so hard to realize their dreams in legal cannabis. Onward we fight.

BDE -∞+

i502 Competitive Analysis and Intelligence Briefs

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As I transition my i502 data mining project from my laptop to the cloud, I’m working on a conceptual framework for offering competitive briefs, reports, charts, and drill-down maps on i502 Producers, Processors, and Retailers. This will include insight, commentary, and a sizeable chunk of data factoids about your closest competitors.

Here are some of my initial thoughts:

  • For Producer/Processors
    • Production/Processing
      • Products made
      • Products sold
      • Products destroyed
      • Products failed testing
    • Heat maps with layers for:
      • Retailers by location
      • Products by retailer
      • Wholesale Sales by product type, product, temporal (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
      • Retailer markups
        • By retailer
        • By product type
        • By Product SKU
  • For Retailers
    • Wholesale cost
      • By product type
      • By product
      • By producer/processor
      • By region/geography
    • Retail Sales
      • By product type (flower, oil, edibles)
      • By SKU (e.g. Skord Nightmare Cookies Live Resin)
      • By Producer/Processor
    • Top 10 Producer/processor sales drill down
    • Top 10 closest retailers (region/geography)
    • Top 10 closest retailers (aggregate sales)


  1. Learn who your competition is.
  2. Understand the range of products your competitors produce/offer/sell.
  3. Understand the range of products that you or your competitors DON’T SELL (products sitting on shelf).
  4. Understand how much and when your customers sell.
  5. Understand where and to whom your competitors sell. ]

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head for now. Will update/edit post as I iterate and refine this conceptual framework.

If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read through this post. As a reward, here’s a pic of some Chem Dawg I grew back in the MMJ days.

BDE -∞+

December i502 Report

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Hi guys. I’m working on a detailed analyst report on the i502 traceability data from December 2016.

Until I have it ready to publish, here are a few teaser factoids:

  • Largest concentrate wholesale sale: GreenRush sold 4000 grams of GreenRush Gold Standard Concentrate (Marijuana extract for inhalation) to Clutch Cannabis (in a processor to processor wholesale deal) for $48000 or $12/g.
  • Total concentrates sold (wholesale) to date: 8,688,860 grams
  • Total concentrate wholesale sales to date: $92,958,449
  • Average wholesale price per unit: $8.97

Much more to come. Tables, charts, commentary, analysis.


Two of Washington’s largest recreational marijuana chains on the selling block – Marijuana Business Daily

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Why not shoot for the moon right? I bet this was a response to the news that there was legislation introduced in WA with a proposal to allow Producers and Processors to sell directly to the public and to allow big $$$ to flow into the industry. Why not let free market economics happen? Right?

Here’s a hypothetical (satirical) phone conversation I could see going down between between Ike’s and Main Street Marijuana:

Ian: “Hey Ramsey. You see that legislation where they are trying to allow producer/processors to sell direct to the public?”

Ramsey: “Yeah. And the other one where they are going to allow big out of state $$$ to flow in? That’s some real Cartel s%^t right there. Might start to cut into those nice retail profit margins we’ve been enjoying. Maybe it’s time we get out.”

Ian: “I know right! How about we try this then – Let’s put all of our Retail Shops up for sale for some crazy figure, say $50 million and see how people flip out.”

Ramsey: “Yeah, sure great. Let’s do it.”

…and we’re now off to the races.

Source: Two of Washington’s largest recreational marijuana chains on the selling block – Marijuana Business Daily