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December i502 Report

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Hi guys. I’m working on a detailed analyst report on the i502 traceability data from December 2016.

Until I have it ready to publish, here are a few teaser factoids:

  • Largest concentrate wholesale sale: GreenRush sold 4000 grams of GreenRush Gold Standard Concentrate (Marijuana extract for inhalation) to Clutch Cannabis (in a processor to processor wholesale deal) for $48000 or $12/g.
  • Total concentrates sold (wholesale) to date: 8,688,860 grams
  • Total concentrate wholesale sales to date: $92,958,449
  • Average wholesale price per unit: $8.97

Much more to come. Tables, charts, commentary, analysis.


Two of Washington’s largest recreational marijuana chains on the selling block – Marijuana Business Daily

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Why not shoot for the moon right? I bet this was a response to the news that there was legislation introduced in WA with a proposal to allow Producers and Processors to sell directly to the public and to allow big $$$ to flow into the industry. Why not let free market economics happen? Right?

Here’s a hypothetical (satirical) phone conversation I could see going down between between Ike’s and Main Street Marijuana:

Ian: “Hey Ramsey. You see that legislation where they are trying to allow producer/processors to sell direct to the public?”

Ramsey: “Yeah. And the other one where they are going to allow big out of state $$$ to flow in? That’s some real Cartel s%^t right there. Might start to cut into those nice retail profit margins we’ve been enjoying. Maybe it’s time we get out.”

Ian: “I know right! How about we try this then – Let’s put all of our Retail Shops up for sale for some crazy figure, say $50 million and see how people flip out.”

Ramsey: “Yeah, sure great. Let’s do it.”

…and we’re now off to the races.

Source: Two of Washington’s largest recreational marijuana chains on the selling block – Marijuana Business Daily


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Friends & Colleagues – I will be parting ways with Precision Extraction on January 27. We are leaving on mutually good terms.

As of Jan 28, I will be available for short and medium term consulting projects and related services in the Recreational and Medical cannabis industry across the US. Anything from data mining, market analysis and assessment, processing lab design, compliance, production and processing logistics, business plans, packaging and distribution, wholesale brokering, retailer relationship building, business process automation, software and hardware integration.

My depth of knowledge, 30 years of experience in cannabis, 20 years working in Enterprise Software, and passion for the industry are what I bring to the table with a proven track record and commitment to excellence in everything I do.

Now offering free 30 min phone/online consult and will let you decide if we are a good fit. Feel free to also check out my resume: Brian Daniel Eisenberg РResume Р2017

Can reach me anytime at:
@eisenetics on Instagram and Snapchat
206.294.8205 (8am-11pm pacific time)

-Brian Daniel Eisenberg
Jan 16, 2017