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i502 Competitive Analysis and Intelligence Briefs

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As I transition my i502 data mining project from my laptop to the cloud, I’m working on a conceptual framework for offering competitive briefs, reports, charts, and drill-down maps on i502 Producers, Processors, and Retailers. This will include insight, commentary, and a sizeable chunk of data factoids about your closest competitors.

Here are some of my initial thoughts:

  • For Producer/Processors
    • Production/Processing
      • Products made
      • Products sold
      • Products destroyed
      • Products failed testing
    • Heat maps with layers for:
      • Retailers by location
      • Products by retailer
      • Wholesale Sales by product type, product, temporal (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
      • Retailer markups
        • By retailer
        • By product type
        • By Product SKU
  • For Retailers
    • Wholesale cost
      • By product type
      • By product
      • By producer/processor
      • By region/geography
    • Retail Sales
      • By product type (flower, oil, edibles)
      • By SKU (e.g. Skord Nightmare Cookies Live Resin)
      • By Producer/Processor
    • Top 10 Producer/processor sales drill down
    • Top 10 closest retailers (region/geography)
    • Top 10 closest retailers (aggregate sales)


  1. Learn who your competition is.
  2. Understand the range of products your competitors produce/offer/sell.
  3. Understand the range of products that you or your competitors DON’T SELL (products sitting on shelf).
  4. Understand how much and when your customers sell.
  5. Understand where and to whom your competitors sell. ]

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head for now. Will update/edit post as I iterate and refine this conceptual framework.

If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read through this post. As a reward, here’s a pic of some Chem Dawg I grew back in the MMJ days.

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Two of Washington’s largest recreational marijuana chains on the selling block – Marijuana Business Daily

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Why not shoot for the moon right? I bet this was a response to the news that there was legislation introduced in WA with a proposal to allow Producers and Processors to sell directly to the public and to allow big $$$ to flow into the industry. Why not let free market economics happen? Right?

Here’s a hypothetical (satirical) phone conversation I could see going down between between Ike’s and Main Street Marijuana:

Ian: “Hey Ramsey. You see that legislation where they are trying to allow producer/processors to sell direct to the public?”

Ramsey: “Yeah. And the other one where they are going to allow big out of state $$$ to flow in? That’s some real Cartel s%^t right there. Might start to cut into those nice retail profit margins we’ve been enjoying. Maybe it’s time we get out.”

Ian: “I know right! How about we try this then – Let’s put all of our Retail Shops up for sale for some crazy figure, say $50 million and see how people flip out.”

Ramsey: “Yeah, sure great. Let’s do it.”

…and we’re now off to the races.

Source: Two of Washington’s largest recreational marijuana chains on the selling block – Marijuana Business Daily