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Crypto for the masses – Sign up for Robinhood!

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Just learned about a new app that will begin to offer more streamlined opportunities to invest and trade cryptocurrencies. All done via easy to use/setup iOS and Android apps. If you sign up using the link below, I get bumped up on the list so this is nothing more than a shameless clickbait post. But seriously, this is the smoothest app I’ve seen other than Binance and Coinbase. And looks to be cheaper fees as well. Sign up for Robinhood to invest in Bitcoin and stocks, and we’ll both get a free stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint!

Bigger isnt always better

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I’ve been wanting to test out this 12v brushless fan for a couple different potential uses. These are normally used to cool high end PC gaming machines.

There are plenty of fans this size with higher RPM, but they consume a more power. I chose this one because it’s 3 watts and only draws 0.4 amps, while still providing sufficient RPM for my us cases.

I’m planning to use these to help circulate air in the crawlspace, near the woodstove, and in the loft. I’ve had it running all night and makes a HUGE difference in how the cabin is heated, even though I still have a lot of insulation and finish work to complete inside.

I am also going to install one of these in the exhaust area for my DC propane fridge to prevent it from overheating.

Another potent query

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Another potent query. Wholesale oil prices by sale price (descending). 781,038 records. Shows every single inventory Transfer event since 502 started.

Want to know what your competition paid/sold their lots for? It’s all here. HMU if you’re interested in tapping into this treasure trove.

I can do competitive analyses and get you fancy charts, spreadsheets, and other interactive means of slicing the data to meet your needs.

Hit me on the DM or email eisenetics at gmail

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Setting up second power system for office.

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Today I’m looking to set up a separate solar power system and battery storage bank for my desk/office to more evenly distribute the load and keep is isolated from my primary battery bank which powers my mission critical 12v systems. I’m using a single 190 watt panel connected to a Morningstar 15 amp PVM charge controller connected to 2x Everstart Deep Cycle batteries I got at Walmart. The batteries are connected to a 400 watt AC inverter that I have connected to a power strip with the following devices plugged in:

  • Laptop power cord
  • Samsung micro USB charger
  • Raspberry pi micro USB power
  • Google Home
  • 24″ Samsung LED display monitor
  • Yaesu Ham radio charger

Will see if this works for my usage pattern and how much load it takes off my primary solar / battery setup.

Red sky in morning.

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Afternoon visitors

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Blog to twitter and blog to fb test

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Just a test. Nothing to see here.

Mobile photo upload test cross post link to BDE fb wall

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Raspberry Pi now hooked up and powered by my solar charge controller.

Tap tap… anyone here.

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Hmmmm. Last post was back in June. That’s about right. Back on July 6, my plans up here at Tunk changed pretty drastically. I was forced to scrap Plan A and move to Plans’ B and C. This required just about every ounce of energy I could muster and 100% of my focus, working tirelessly each and every day since then to get to a stable, survivable living state. My goal being to allow me to live comfortably on my 40 acres of land in my off grid cabin, able to survive life at 3600′ elevation. As a result, I had to shelve a lot of plans, projects, collaborations, and industry stuff that I had in the works.

I look forward to picking up where I left off and transition my focus from being 100% on the cabin/land project.

I’ve got a few exciting things in the works with the 502 data set and am also working on new opportunities with some fantastic folks already established in the industry.

I’m also still an account exec with a fully licensed and compliant 502 PP based in Tacoma and can assist in facilitating inventory transfers to/from other Licensed Producer/Processors and Retailers.

I look forward to more frequent and daily posts, as I will be opening up the focus of this blog to include my off grid endeavors and projects in addition to my industry related stuff.

It’s good to be back.


PS – I’m going to start posting more and more of my pics and other content here rather than on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. I’m done feeding all my original content and data to their AI/Matrix. I’ll blast out links back to my blog posts here on these platforms, but I’m done feeding them all my base.


i502 Traceability system replacement – quick update

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Hi guys. Just a quick and dirty post before I head out to go paint a cabin. I’ve had email back and forth and phone calls with an MJ Freeway account representative this week. I have a link to a full demo of their platform that I have yet to watch. I did not get a demo, but spoke with the rep for about 20 minutes. Here are my takeaways:

  • MJ Freeway was just made aware of this last week, just like the rest of us. They are scrambling to put a plan together. This is a little scary.
  • They will develop/support/maintain an open API to allow 3rd party integration as mandated by the LCB. When I mentioned that it seemed like METRC pulled their bid because they locked people into their RFID technology, and asked how they dealt with this, he said they are committed to maintaining an open API as the state mandates and will be working on a plan for this in the coming days/weeks.
  • I expressed my concern over the timeline for implementation – and also asked why the state mandates October rollout. He didn’t know either. I still ┬ádon’t really understand the motivation behind the October hard date for replacement of Biotrack. Does anyone know why October is so important?
  • I’ve sent follow up email asking for a call with a technical resource or product manager to get a more in depth overview of their platform, architecture, and underlying framework. Also to discuss their plans for backwards compatibility, maintaining the existing biotrack API, and how they plan to maintain/extend it with their own API approach/model.

NET TAKEAWAY: I am still deeply concerned about the viability of this massive software rip and replace project that the LCB has mandated. We already had a less than stellar list of initial vendors who submitted bids. We lost the first one because they tried to lock us into their proprietary technology and hardware. Now we are left with the “next best vendor” – ok who’s in second? Ok. Here we go again.

More later.