i502 Traceability system replacement – quick update

Hi guys. Just a quick and dirty post before I head out to go paint a cabin. I’ve had email back and forth and phone calls with an MJ Freeway account representative this week. I have a link to a full demo of their platform that I have yet to watch. I did not get a demo, but spoke with the rep for about 20 minutes. Here are my takeaways:

  • MJ Freeway was just made aware of this last week, just like the rest of us. They are scrambling to put a plan together. This is a little scary.
  • They will develop/support/maintain an open API to allow 3rd party integration as mandated by the LCB. When I mentioned that it seemed like METRC pulled their bid because they locked people into their RFID technology, and asked how they dealt with this, he said they are committed to maintaining an open API as the state mandates and will be working on a plan for this in the coming days/weeks.
  • I expressed my concern over the timeline for implementation – and also asked why the state mandates October rollout. He didn’t know either. I still  don’t really understand the motivation behind the October hard date for replacement of Biotrack. Does anyone know why October is so important?
  • I’ve sent follow up email asking for a call with a technical resource or product manager to get a more in depth overview of their platform, architecture, and underlying framework. Also to discuss their plans for backwards compatibility, maintaining the existing biotrack API, and how they plan to maintain/extend it with their own API approach/model.

NET TAKEAWAY: I am still deeply concerned about the viability of this massive software rip and replace project that the LCB has mandated. We already had a less than stellar list of initial vendors who submitted bids. We lost the first one because they tried to lock us into their proprietary technology and hardware. Now we are left with the “next best vendor” – ok who’s in second? Ok. Here we go again.

More later.

1 thought on “i502 Traceability system replacement – quick update

  1. Pat Reynolds

    I’m like 80-85% sure the October deadline is when the current BioTrack contract expires. No contract = no support, so that wouldn’t be good. Not that it’s good now, but you know what I mean!


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