Taking back my content

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Seeing as how Facebook put me in a 30 day timeout for posting cannabis related content about my day job. I’ve decided to fire up the blog activity and start taking back ownership of my content. I’m done letting Facebook monetize my data.

Expect a lot of pics and posts of llamas, fires, weed, and whatever else I decide to put up. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

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Subscribe to my Premium Instagram Stories

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Instagram just launched a new feature for “Close Friends”. I intend to use this feature similar to how a lot of people use Snapchat stories as “premium” content that users can subscribe to to gain more intimate access to content. In my case, it will mostly be related to my offgrid lifestyle, cannabis industry work, and hacking on hardware/software. I’m going to try the same thing on Instagram so if you want to stay current and up on my daily activities, projects, and ramblings, I’m asking for a small $5 monthly donation to help support my effort. Here’s the link to the Paypal subscription. I can’t thank you enough for all the support and encouragement I’ve gotten on this journey so far. Onward! –BDE 

PS – I am also holding a fundraiser on Facebook to raise money and support the llama rescue effort. https://tinyurl.com/llamarescue

Crypto for the masses – Sign up for Robinhood!

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Just learned about a new app that will begin to offer more streamlined opportunities to invest and trade cryptocurrencies. All done via easy to use/setup iOS and Android apps. If you sign up using the link below, I get bumped up on the list so this is nothing more than a shameless clickbait post. But seriously, this is the smoothest app I’ve seen other than Binance and Coinbase. And looks to be cheaper fees as well. Sign up for Robinhood to invest in Bitcoin and stocks, and we’ll both get a free stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint! https://share.robinhood.com/briane412

Dawn of the 20 year paradigm shift

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Back in 2013, I spent a small amount of time setting up a desktop machine to do some bitcoin mining when it first came out. Mostly just to educate myself and understand the basic concepts of crypto and blockchain. I never got into serious mining and at the time of this post, I’ve only recently staked a VERY SMALL claim in crypto — again to understand the mechanics, trends, and opportunities that seem to be presenting themselves right now.

I have to admit that right here, right now, as I am typing this, it feels like 1997 again in the lead up to the crazy dot com boom/bust cycle that started in 1998 and continued through 2001. Everything so shiny, new, and largely unproven. Except the framework and underlying technology. Back then it was http. Not its blockchain. Exciting times for those in the know. My goal is to educate and get more people to be “in the know” and have a fair shot at participating in this crazy ride.

Image Source: https://cointelegraph.com/storage/uploads/view/855ce0beb53c5d91f48f8b9aeece9d3d.jpg


Why now? Looking back at what happened over the holidays with Amazon and Walmart going head to head for your online holiday $ — both setting records for online sales — this is the new normal with global ecommerce. Watching the rise and fall and rise again of bitcoin in particular and crypto in general in late December and early January, Ied me to the conclusion that we are in the beginning  of a global macroeconomic paradigm shift away from Wall Street and Big Banks to a decentralized “always open” global crypto exchange for the masses.

POE prices displayed on the Binance app/exchange

I don’t think the full implications and impact of this shift are really known or understood at this point. It’s still very much like the early days on the frontier in the wild west. Few rules and regulations and cheats and thieves at every turn.

Allow me to elaborate. If you’re already like this is way too TL:DR, this your time to eject.

TL:DR: The concept and use of blockchain and the rapidly growing crypto ecosystem is fundamentally changing how commerce is conducted and goods exchanged between individuals and businesses across the globe.  The implications are just now coming to light and still not fully understood. This is both exciting and scary. Jump on for a messy ride or watch from the sidelines. 

The reason I think this is BIG requires taking a step back and looking at past cycles of innovation and growth in tech/IT since the dawn of the modern PC, the growth of the Internet, and rise of the www. I break the past 30 years in tech innovation and growth as follows:

1990-2000 – unix client/server ftp http www
2001-2007 – platforms/frameworks – ecommerce, enterprise, blogs
2007-2017 – social, mobile
2018 – ? – crypto, AR/VR, IoT

While AR/VR and IoT are interesting, they have been a LONG time coming and taken even longer to gain adoption. While bitcoin and crypto have been around since 2009, the rate and pace of adoption and the demand

“to get in” is so high right now, I think crypto is poised to be even bigger than AR/VR and IoT combined.

The concept of building apps and services on top of blockchain is fueling a new wave of innovation the likes of which we’ve never seen. We are in uncharted waters and the ship has already set sail. Attempts to stop the growth of the global crypto ecosystem at this point by governments and institutions is moot. The crypto is already out of the bag., so to speak.

Either jump on now and buckle up for a messy roller coaster of a ride as the crypto wave begins to crest or just sit back and watch the bloodbath that is about to unfold. I’m betting that 97% of those looking to make quick $ will fail. Those who take time to learn and understand where this is all going might have a little better change. Those with giant pockets and $$$ to throw around will be the biggest winners. AND LOSERS.

Bitcoin price at 2:01 PM PST, Jan 19, 2018

With that out of the way, here’s what I’m going to focus on in my next series of blog posts.

1) Historical patterns, similarities, and differences with what happened in the rise (and fall) of the tech/IT industry from 1990-present. Basically expanding on what I started to dig into with the eras of tech growth above.

2) Crypto 101. Crypto for Dummies. How to get started. Risks, opportunities, things to do, things to avoid. CryptoBroker services offered — onboarding for the average Joe getting setup to securely participate in the global exchange of cryptocurrency.

3) Global Macroeconomic paradigm shift. On the quiet, yet ongoing (and rapidly increasing) redistribution of individual wealth from Wall Street/big banks to decentralized crypto-exchanges where its currently like the wild west with new unregulated exchanges that are global in scope and never close/shut. THIS IS THE END OF DAY TRADING. THIS IS JUST TRADING. 24/7/365.

4) Opportunity at hand – for tech companies, for developers, for individuals, for businesses, for organizations, and for non profits.

5) Futures – where’s it all going?

6) Why do I (why should you) care?


Treatise for 2018

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I’m addicted to my mobile phone. Instagram is my #1 time sink. Facebook is #2. I don’t like this.

I also don’t like what Facebook has done with their newsfeed algorithm. Recent changes to their Video Ads — specifically with them now playing ads before/during videos posted by friends — sent me over the top.


Image Source: https://goo.gl/images/4vdN3j

Facebook is The Matrix.

Every day, every minute, every second they are consuming all of humanity’s precious (meta) data.

The Matrix shows us a world that is defined by synthetic connection. Each individual is isolated, never to look upon each other with their own eyes.

The Matrix shows us a world that is defined by synthetic connection. Each individual is isolated, never to look upon each other with their own eyes. Been to a coffee shop lately? Image Source: https://goo.gl/images/HrFDkT

Think about it.

Facebook is basically a giant living breathing Artificial Intelligence.

They can’t build pods, errr, I mean datacenters fast enough.

Think about THAT.

All your data are belong to us.

I saw an ad the other day that said they do 5 billion language translations a day.  Sure that’s great and all, but when they pollute my feed with ads every 3rd post, and make it nearly impossible for me to watch a video, or have any degree of control over who/what/when I see it… I SAY NO! 

I choose to unplug and not volunteer my precious (meta)data to the Facebook AI. 

I uninstalled Facebook on all my devices, which on Verizon is actually impossible due to the agreements they have with FB, so you basically just have to go uninstall all the updates and then disable the app.

No more Facebook. My time. Reclaimed. 

Ok. Now what?


Happy New Year.

–BDE -∞+

m. 206 294 8205

PS – Sure, I’ll probably be back (addict), but I am going to give this a try. Can still find me on IG and Snap…for now.

Bigger isnt always better

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I’ve been wanting to test out this 12v brushless fan for a couple different potential uses. These are normally used to cool high end PC gaming machines.

There are plenty of fans this size with higher RPM, but they consume a more power. I chose this one because it’s 3 watts and only draws 0.4 amps, while still providing sufficient RPM for my us cases.

I’m planning to use these to help circulate air in the crawlspace, near the woodstove, and in the loft. I’ve had it running all night and makes a HUGE difference in how the cabin is heated, even though I still have a lot of insulation and finish work to complete inside.

I am also going to install one of these in the exhaust area for my DC propane fridge to prevent it from overheating.

Another potent query

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Another potent query. Wholesale oil prices by sale price (descending). 781,038 records. Shows every single inventory Transfer event since 502 started.

Want to know what your competition paid/sold their lots for? It’s all here. HMU if you’re interested in tapping into this treasure trove.

I can do competitive analyses and get you fancy charts, spreadsheets, and other interactive means of slicing the data to meet your needs.

Hit me on the DM or email eisenetics at gmail

#dataminingbeforebreakfast #i502 #data #publicrecords #everysingletransaction #allthewaybacktothebeginning #imtheonewhoknows #eisenetics

Efficient power generation for the dark days of winter

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Most everyone living offgrid relies on some sort of generator as a mission critical power generating device. I’ve purchased 2 generators and am using neither of them.

The 5500 watt Generac is a propane powered unit with several glaring design flaws. It’s damn near impossible to start in cold or warm weather and sucks down propane. It has less than 60 hours on it. I’ll sell it for half what I paid or best offer at this point.

The Honda EU2000 gas powered generator worked fine all summer but then stopped putting out AC power. I’ve done a fair amount of troubleshooting and think it’s the inverter board. I’m certain excessive moondust is to blame.

So here I am getting by perfectly with the custom 6.5 hp/212cc motor/alternator setup. Still blows me away every time I fire it up.

This is all I need to charge my batteries and power everything needed in the cabin. 3/4 gallon gas lasts 10-11 hours and will leave batteries fully topped off even during times of heavy use. That’s pretty damn impressive.

This includes my well pump and all 110v AC and DC appliances. Oh also — It only cost about $300 for all the parts. Compared to $800 for the General and $800 for the Honda.

Have a a smaller 3hp engine on order that a buddy is gonna setup. See if we can fine tune and run even more efficiently.

Setting up second power system for office.

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Today I’m looking to set up a separate solar power system and battery storage bank for my desk/office to more evenly distribute the load and keep is isolated from my primary battery bank which powers my mission critical 12v systems. I’m using a single 190 watt panel connected to a Morningstar 15 amp PVM charge controller connected to 2x Everstart Deep Cycle batteries I got at Walmart. The batteries are connected to a 400 watt AC inverter that I have connected to a power strip with the following devices plugged in:

  • Laptop power cord
  • Samsung micro USB charger
  • Raspberry pi micro USB power
  • Google Home
  • 24″ Samsung LED display monitor
  • Yaesu Ham radio charger

Will see if this works for my usage pattern and how much load it takes off my primary solar / battery setup.

Home grown: WA State Liquor and Cannabis Board presents 3 options for “home grows”

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On Nov 29, the LCB released the results from a new study to assess the feasibility of allowing WA state residents to cultivate and grow their own personal cannabis. I’m 100% in support of allowing “home grows” and look forward to the day I can grow my own personal stash and establish my own line of genetics.

More details from LCB here: https://lcb.wa.gov/marj/homegrow-study

Direct link to download the report [PDF]: https://lcb.wa.gov/sites/default/files/publications/WSLCB%20Home%20Grows%20Study%20Report%20FINAL.PDF

After a VERY quick scan, here are my initial takeaways.

TL:DR: LCB presented 3 options to the state legislature to consider regarding home grows:

  1. State control — LCB enforcement/oversight
  2. Local control — LCB writes rules/statues, local city/county enforcement/oversight
  3. Prohibit recreational home grows.

This report now goes to the state legislature for consideration. Bottom line: It’s going to cost a lot of $$$$ to enforce any kind of home grow system to be able to stand up to the Cole memo. Option #1 is likely to put an additional strain (and cost burden) on LCB, likely requiring additional state funding sources/taxes). Option #2 would present the same challenges to local city/county authorities tasked with enforcement if Option 2 is chosen. Option 3 would be a huge disappointment.

Here is the text of the three options. The full report contains a LOT more detail and I suggest you read the full 15 pages. If you have an opinion on this and want to make your voice heard, I highly suggest you contact the LCB and your local state legislators and share your thoughts.

LCB Contact info: https://lcb.wa.gov/contact

WA State Legislator Contact info: https://app.leg.wa.gov/memberemail/


PS – To the cannabis industry IG fam…maybe take a minute and instead of spending it trying to capture that perfect selfie or dab shot to post on Instagram, and instead, find out who your state / city /county officials are and let them know what you think. Just a suggestion from an OG.

Three Options presented below by LCB in their report/study released Nov 29, 2017:

Option 1 – Tightly Regulated Recreational Home Grows – State Framework

  • Allow recreational home grows under a strict state regulatory framework that requires a permit and tracking of plants throughout the state, with enforcement jurisdiction shared between the WSLCB and local authorities.
  • Absent a permit, growing marijuana for any purpose is illegal other than already legally sanctioned medical marijuana home growing.
  • Require tracking of all plants in the traceability system to help prevent diversion.
  • Limit of no more than four plants per household.
  • Include a statutory provision that allows law enforcement to seize and destroy all plants possessed by a person if the person has more plants than the law allows.
  • Include a statutory provision to allow recreational growers to acquire plants from licensed producers so long as the person possesses a valid permit.
  • Include requirements for security, preventing youth access, preventing diversion, etc.
  • Include the same restrictions that apply to medical marijuana patients on processing marijuana in recreational home grows (no extraction with combustible materials. See WAC 314‐55‐430).

Option 2 – State Statute Framework, Local Authority Recreational Home Grows

  • Allow recreational home grows under a regulatory framework based on statewide standards set in statute, but authorized, controlled, and enforced by local jurisdictions (counties, cities).
  • Include statutory requirements for security, preventing youth access, preventing diversion, etc.
  • Require a permit to possess plants. Absent a permit, growing marijuana for any purpose is illegal other than already legally sanctioned medical marijuana home grows.
  • Limit of no more than four plants per household.
  • Include a statutory provision to allow recreational growers to acquire plants from licensed producers so long as the person possesses a valid permit.
  • Include a statutory provision that allows law enforcement to seize and destroy all plants possessed by a person if the person has more plants than the law allows.
  • Include the same restrictions that apply to medical marijuana patients on processing marijuana in recreational home grows (no extraction with combustible materials. See WAC 314‐55‐430).
  • Allow local jurisdictions to “opt‐in” for or “opt‐out” of allowing recreational home grows.

Option 3 – Prohibit Recreational Home Grows

  • Do not allow recreational home grows. Maintain current status.
  • A regulated system is in place and widely available throughout the state.
  • Home grows for medical purposes, including cooperatives, are currently allowed under state law.
  • Allowing recreational home grows may provide a cover for the illicit market. This has been seen in other states that permit home grows for both medical and recreational purposes.
  • Recreational home grows may contribute to diversion, youth access, etc.; primary considerations under the guidelines set in the Cole Memo.