Questions for MJ Freeway – demo scheduled for next week

My request to MJ Freeway for a demo/overview was very well attended to. Within an hour or two, I received a phone call (went to voicemail as I was busy at the time) and also a follow up email with a personal offer to assist with my inquiries and questions and to setup a demo. This is encouraging. I think they may have even visited my blog and done a little digging on me. Hmmm. OK.

I have a call/demo setup next week and will ask some very important questions, mostly on the technical / software side of things. Here are a few of the items I would like to learn more about:

  1. Security – what have you done to address the security breach and how have you addressed the concerns of your customers.
  2. Robustness – deep dive on underlying framework and architecture
  3. Speed & Performance – how well does the app perform (with all available bells and whistles). e.g. how long to print, label, scan, and record data on a lot with 100 units.
  4. Architecture – hosted?, cloud? on site?
  5. Ease of Use – end user, manager, developer, LOB, etc.
  6. Openness / Integration – with 3rd party apps/services – Greenbits support? Weedtraqr support? Mr Kracken? – will MJ Freeway work with other commercial software built on top of biotrack?
  7. APIs – full feature parity? API updates? When? How? To whom? REST? JSON?
  8. Cost to business owners – how do existing investments in hardware and software to support compliance and traceability translate over to the MJ Freeway system.
  9. Software development methodology – agile? Release cycle? Next release plans? Features added? Features in queue? Size of dev team?
  10. Consulting – why needed if solution is “turn key”? What is a typical engagement? What are the rates? Who is this for?
  11. Number of customers? Largest deployment? Biggest project to date?
  12. Reference Customers – who can I go talk to that is an active (and sizeable) MJ Freeway customer?
  13. Corporate – history, growth, revenue, debt, legal, etc?

Hey i502 industry folks, what do you want to know about MJ Freeway, the current Apparent Selected Vendor to replace Biotrack for the state traceability system for Recreational Marijuana? Post your questions and/or concerns here and I’ll take it to the folks I’m meeting with next week.



1 thought on “Questions for MJ Freeway – demo scheduled for next week

  1. Pat Reynolds

    Thorough question set. I believe weedtraqr already talks to MJ Freeway. I’ve also heard that BioTrack has committed to supporting their paid customers through the transition.

    One feature that is sorely needed is a QA/lab results API, you would not believe the coding stunts that are required to just even upload results, ugh. Some info on that would be nice, maybe you could add it to the list?


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