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On the topic of addiction to social media

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It’s been almost 3 months since I stopped posting regular daily content on my Instagram stories and elsewhere across the social media spectrum. I got a second 30 day ban on Facebook for posting cannabis content to our shop page. That’s 72 days now total of Facebook bans. For what? I hardly ever post. Meanwhile I sit and watch kilos of CBD and other products being “brokered” in private secret fb groups. I have no idea why they picked me to harass, but I’m pretty much done posting any of my original content to Facebook. That is not the topic of this post however.

I’ve been mostly MIA past few months online. Taking a break from my obsession/addiction to Instagram stories.

It’s been an interesting challenge and I think ultimately there is a happy medium and balance that can (maybe?) be achieved.

Like all other addictions I’ve conquered, now that I’ve beat it back into submission, I feel like I can (and will) choose to participate and contribute as much or little as I feel like contributing across the social media spectrum.

It took me a minute to recognize the signs, acknowledge the behaviors, and take corrective action. Spiritual growth and progress right?

I think addiction to social media is a HUGE emerging societal challenge, and is no different than any other addiction, obsession, compulsion, or vice. We have yet to fully understand or comprehend the impact it’s having on the human condition.

The reality is that Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms are designed with hooks to get you addicted. The algorithms behind these systems borrow from the gaming industry and are intended to prey upon the human weakness in the attempt to get your eyeballs, user data, and click through traffic to drive their advertising revenue and underlying business models. Scary stuff. So much for “don’t be evil”. @finkd is the evilest of em all I suspect.

So now to my new approach. Wherever possible, I choose to opt-out of this user-data sucking, addicted-to-my-notifications-and-mobile-phone model and am taking back my digital identity one site and account at a time.

It’s a daunting and nearly impossible task to complete.

On the flip side, I do enjoy a noisy social feed from time to time and Instagram has been that firehose for me for the past few years. For now I’ll keep my accounts and will see how much or little I contribute. Due to bullshit restrictions on using these platforms advertising and marketing services which I would like to use for certain things I have multiple accounts now for different things so I can avoid having to be blocked and prevented by posting cannabis related content on my main insta account @eisenetics_

Here are my current semi-active accounts. Subject to terminate and self destruct without notice at any time.

@eisenetics_ – personal Instagram – 21+ only please. Feed may contain cannabis-related posts and other offgrid shenanigans. Follow at your own risk.

@llamasoftunk – for the squad of course

@ironmountaingardens – for the farm/garden project

It’s time to stop feeding the matrix.

Treatise for 2018

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I’m addicted to my mobile phone. Instagram is my #1 time sink. Facebook is #2. I don’t like this.

I also don’t like what Facebook has done with their newsfeed algorithm. Recent changes to their Video Ads — specifically with them now playing ads before/during videos posted by friends — sent me over the top.


Image Source: https://goo.gl/images/4vdN3j

Facebook is The Matrix.

Every day, every minute, every second they are consuming all of humanity’s precious (meta) data.

The Matrix shows us a world that is defined by synthetic connection. Each individual is isolated, never to look upon each other with their own eyes.

The Matrix shows us a world that is defined by synthetic connection. Each individual is isolated, never to look upon each other with their own eyes. Been to a coffee shop lately? Image Source: https://goo.gl/images/HrFDkT

Think about it.

Facebook is basically a giant living breathing Artificial Intelligence.

They can’t build pods, errr, I mean datacenters fast enough.

Think about THAT.

All your data are belong to us.

I saw an ad the other day that said they do 5 billion language translations a day.  Sure that’s great and all, but when they pollute my feed with ads every 3rd post, and make it nearly impossible for me to watch a video, or have any degree of control over who/what/when I see it… I SAY NO! 

I choose to unplug and not volunteer my precious (meta)data to the Facebook AI. 

I uninstalled Facebook on all my devices, which on Verizon is actually impossible due to the agreements they have with FB, so you basically just have to go uninstall all the updates and then disable the app.

No more Facebook. My time. Reclaimed. 

Ok. Now what?


Happy New Year.

–BDE -∞+

m. 206 294 8205

PS – Sure, I’ll probably be back (addict), but I am going to give this a try. Can still find me on IG and Snap…for now.

IFTTT to FB AND T test 2

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Nothing to see here.