Artist Bio

My name is Brian Daniel Eisenberg. I am a self taught abstract painter with aspirations to get back into ceramics, pottery, and metal works. I am a technologist and naturalist at heart. I thrive on complex natural systems and enjoy being outdoors working in the garden and around my homestead.

I paint abstract creative works, primarily on canvas, but sometimes on wood and other mediums. I mostly use acrylic paint, specifically Golden Series 5 Interference colors. My style is rapid and unplanned. It has been over 5 years since I last painted anything and I look forward to setting up my studio again this summer.

Before the pandemic, I was living off-grid on my 40 acre homestead, Iron Mountain Ranch, located in the Upper Tunk Valley, near Riverside, WA in Okanogan County. It is a VERY remote area with bears, wolves, moose, deer, turkeys, owls, and a LOT of unique flora and fauna. I have a 20 year plan and vision for Iron Mountain Ranch that I am slowly working towards.

I moved back down to the Puget Sound area to help my folks and sister and her family get through the pandemic. I look forward to returning to my homestead, but will also keep a small apartment in the Seattle area for the foreseeable future.

I will continue to flesh out and expand this section as time permits. Thanks to everyone who support my passion for creativity, exploration, and ideation.

–BDE 3/31/2021