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Inaugural Flight

07.04.2021 PDT

Advance Ticket Sale & NFT Scavenger Hunt Drops 04.20.2021

Project #1 Summary

This project is a vision I’ve had in my head that dates back to the 2007ish time period. There are many facets and aspects to explore related to a fit of ideation that led to what I call an “idea storm” that triggered a wave of creativity and innovation back in 2007. This is the first project I am resurrecting from that time period. #WHATSINTHEBAG

Project #1: Drone Swarm Art

I am building a drone swarm to use for a July 4 art display at my 40 acre off-grid ranch in the Upper Tunk Valley in Okanogan County, WA State. The entire valley (except for a small part called Twin Creeks Ranch) burned in the summer of 2014 as part of the Okanogan Complex and Tunk Block Wild fires.

As you can imagine, we can’t have fireworks displays for July 4 and listening to people shoot off their firearms just doesn’t cut it anymore. I aim to change that forever with my vision for my Drone Swarm.

My lofty goal is to build a mixed reality “fireworks” display with 1776 cheaply manufactured mini-drones that can be controlled with an AI written in python. I am working on a design and repeatable printing process (TBD) using a 3d printer I have on order — actually not available yet as its a kickstarter project called Plybot. If you are into 3D printing, be sure to check the kickstarter out for sure!

I need hardware (and software) to help manage this project and am currently using a Raspberry pi for development. I need a more powerful desktop to begin building the AR/VR and mixed reality components using NFC and NFT tech.

Now accepting Private Sponsorships and Donors:

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  • Ethereum address: brianeisenberg.eth
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  • Paypal: eisenetics@gmail.com

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Current Drone Hardware for Early Prototyping: